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My Shortcodes & Caldera Engine V2.0

The WordPress Shortcode and Web elements builder.

For My Shortcodes v1.9.2 and lower, see the legacy documentation


My Shortcodes & Caldera Engine allow you to create custom shortcode and elements right from WordPress Admin.

They offer an intuative editing enviroment to directly code your web elements and shortcodes while being able to view a live preview of your work.

Whats the differences between My Shortcodes & Caldera Engine?

My Shortcodes allows you to create Shortcodes & Widgets, with emphasis on shortcodes. These are inserted into your content through the content editor for shortcodes and in sidebars via Widgets.

Caldera Engine is the "PRO" version of My Shortcodes.

It allows you not only to make shortcodes and widgets, but also three other Web Elements:

  • Hybrid: This is a single element that gets a Widget Setup panel and a shortcode instert panel. Two for the price of one.
  • Code: This is a more advanced type. It allows you to programatically insert your elements directly into your themes. Once activated, you get a settings page created in the Admin menu under settings. This allows you to set options globally for your element.
  • Always Load: This is an element that once activated, will load on every page. Usefull for things like analytic tracking, or notification bars. As with the Code type, you also get a settings panel in admin.

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